Drink, Act, Build!

Drink Act Builders is a blog that I have decided to set up that is completely based upon the principle that the best way to ensure a high health and safety standard within the workplace is to make sure there is good communication between all builders on the worksite. The secondary objective of the blog is to ensure that management maintains a good level of communication with their own employees. As someone who has worked on many building sites with various companies throughout the years, I know all too well how little communication there can be at times with management and employees. That is something that comes as a detriment to those who wish to complete the tasks they are set to the best of their ability.

I think lack of communication (or at the very least, failure to communicate to a reasonable degree) is one of the most damaging factors to any company. It’s almost like a disease that is built within the company’s heart that is difficult to see most of the time as nobody is aware that they are communicating poorly. If you are asking someone to complete a task or at the very least trying to explain the task to them, more often or not you would think that you are successful within your endeavour. The chances are however, that you haven’t been and that here has been some kind of misunderstanding or something that wasn’t explained as well as it could have been.

This is something that is so difficult to remedy without someone on the other side of it. Someone needs to be a mediator to a conversation so they can try to pick up on what you are explaining, reflect on it and then question if you conveyed what you were trying to convey. Otherwise, you are the communicational issue.