Problems with communication

I want to make this post specifically to non-builders, as I am sure you have been in the same circumstance yourself. Have you ever had someone ask you what seemed to be a simple task such as a piece of content they had wanted written, and once you had handed them a finished product you then find out you had it completely incorrect? The chances are that you have, because it’s one of the most natural things in the world to hear what you think is being said, rather than what is actually being said. After all, it’s our own mind that absorbs and breaks down information that we hear.

This is an all too familiar thing that happens day to day. Your ears will absorb soundwaves and break it down into a manageable way for your brain to process, but processing it does not necessarily mean an accurate processing of information. Rather, you just processed the information in a way that your brain could adequately break down and understand. That key system is the difference between understanding and misunderstanding, and it cannot be understated enough just how important it is to understand a key task before you start to move towards any direction.

That is why I am dedicated towards building that communication on building sites and in offices. It doesn’t matter where I will be teaching people to understand and communicate better. What truly matters to me is that the message is reached and people who are unable to improve on their own can receive the help that they need. It’s a truly difficult thing to overcome, as once you make too many mistakes misunderstanding people within a working environment, people start to think you are a liability. You aren’t, but that doesn’t mean you are faultless within the process either.

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