Two, not one – Act now!

The most obvious thing about communication is that it is between two parties, not one. That is why you need to remember that it isn’t about what you think is being said, but it is instead about you listening to what the other person wants to say. That may sound simple and almost basic in information, but that little aspect alone is what is so easily forgotten by those who have communicational issues.

It’s easier as a person to attribute the words or what is being said by a person from what you already understand, as it makes your life easier when it comes to everything. You never have to leave your comfort zone or your basic bubble of knowledge if you always assume that people ask you to do things that you already know how to do. But that is why asking questions is so important when you are given a task, or if you are giving someone else a task. Asking questions to make sure you understand, or asking questions to make sure that the other understands is so key to making sure the said task is completed properly.

Little misunderstandings will always be a part of life, because there is nothing you are able to do about fixing something that you don’t already know. That’s so common with misunderstandings because it requires both of your brains to decide that something was mistakenly heard. That is why you should always ask questions during communication. It helps lay out the basic information for both parties before moving forward.

I know this might sound stupid, but the next time you have a conversation you should truly try to ask as many questions as you can. You would be surprised on how much you would be able to learn, and how much you have missed out in the past.

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