How to act now!

The final exercise that I teach my clients to help improve their communicational skills is to play word games. I usually put the clients in a circle and I ask them to say a really long essay. Usually the essay would be about 2000 words. I would ask them to pick a random word that the others do not know about, and once they read the essay they say that word with a slightly different tone without stopping. The key to this task is to make sure that the person who is reading out doesn’t change their tone or cadence throughout the entire essay apart from that singular word.

This is such a key exercise for my clients for two reasons. One, it requires the clients who are listening to sit through a half an hour essay without breaking any concentration to make sure that they can accurately pin point and then remember the word that was spoken in a different tone. The level of concentration that it takes to consistently listen and understand every word that is being said without breaking that concentration is difficult. I actually did this exercise with the best builders Manchester have, so please check them out if you can!

What is even harder is basically asking a client to perform a mini monologue in front of other clients and having them keep the concentration required to ensure they can say 1,999 words in the exact same effect and 1 word slightly different but different enough to be noticeable. It’s as difficult as it sounds but it is so much fun once the game is over. And what is even more surprising is if someone guesses the word correctly. The point isn’t to win the game; the point is to have everyone understand how important the communication to the group is for everyone involved. You should try this game with your work colleagues if you have trouble communicating, but try it with fewer words!

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