The importance of Teamwork!


Team members all have a job and a common goal of completing a project, but they can conflict when prioritising their interests. Investors and business owners may want to cut costs to save money, while contractors may be greater concerned with aesthetics and safety. This requires teamwork and effective and honest communication on all sides.

Clear definition of schedules, goals, expectations, and objectives must be communicated to make and effective and efficient team possible. Team meetings on a regular basis will benefit all involved. Safety procedures should be made readily available and accessible for team members.  Any changes or amendments should be relayed to all team members as quickly and clearly as possible.

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Team members must show respect and trust each other, to allow for clarity and close cooperation to avoid difficulties and conflicts to arise.  Team members need to understand each other’s roles and approaches to issues. Team members should spend some time with each other to understand and appreciate the work they each do. They will also get an insight into why they make certain decisions that could have a knock-on effect to your role.  Take your individual responsibilities seriously to enable other team members to function more efficiently, this will help you complete your goals and secures the project being completed on time and within budget, in addition to helping you to build trust with the other members in the team, who will view you as a reliable and dependable team member.

Managing issues and potential risks, early on can help you prevent and or manage a site shutdown.  What are the risks to team members?  What can you do to prevent and manage risks? What are your priorities to responding unforeseen situations? For example, do you have you a shortage of workers that is causing delays?  Injuries, amendments, issues, and failure to comply to health and safety risks can all delay work and increase costs. Team members must prioritise risks, by reducing the risk of them occurring, and develop a plan for reducing risks and how to respond to them as quickly as possible, building a talented team that promotes

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